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UPDATED:.22:29 02 January 2019

This circuit was designed to operate a motoer remotely to load a sweet launcher. The motor operates a mechanism to load the ssweets.

The motor was geared to about 1 rev per 2 seconds with a slotted wheel connected to the motor shaft also.

When the transmitter is activated, the receiver activates a motor that controls a mechanical launching mechanism for one cycle, using a slotted opto switch to control the length of the cycle to produce one complete turn of the cam and launch mechanism.

Transmitter Circuit Voltage: 9 volts
Receiver Circuit Voltage: 6 to 9 volts
Motor Supply Voltage: as required for motor

Infra-Red Transmitter/Receiver
Select the required channels using the jumper

Link A0 = Ch1,2
Link A1 = Ch3,4
No link = Ch5,6.

+Spike Generator:
Set the polarity to positive "+"

Some method of breaking the light beam of the opto-switch is required as the motor turns the drive shaft to the reset position.



The Transmitter sends a coded pulse using Infra-Red light when #1 buttons is pressed (or when #1 input is sent low)

The Receiver picks up the coded signal. If it the correct signal for #1 and sends #1 output high.

The high signal connects to the "Set" input of the Latch, turning the output on

The output from the Latch is connected to a Relay that activates and turns on the Motor.

The Motor should have a disc with a tag jutting out at the point the motor needs to stop. As the Motor turrns the tag will break the light beam of the Opto-switch. When this happens the output of the Opto-switch goes high.

This high signal connects to a Spike Generator which produces a brief high pulse on a high going signal.

The output of the Spike Generator connects to the "Reset" input of the latch, resetting the latch, turning off the Relay and Motor.

Infra-Red communication:
  • Data Transmission
  • Domestic remote controllers

Topics could include:

  • Monostables - generating timed events
  • Calculating time using T=1.1CR
  • Relays and protecting from EMF
  • How coils can generate high voltages
  • Home Security control systems.
The "Reset" of the Latch can be connected to #2 channel output of the reciever. This gives an on/off action thatc an be used to control a variety of things.


  • Remote controlled light
    Remote controlled pet scarecrow.