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UPDATED:.20:53 21 October 2013

  • This is an audio power amplifier, designed to amplify audio signals loud enough to drive a speaker.
  • This amplifier can produce up to 1Watt of power.
  • It has very few components.
  • The gain of this amplifier is set at 20.
  • The gain can be increased to 200 by placing a 10uF capacitor between pin1 and 8, (positive terminal to pin 1)

WARNING - At higher powers and voltages, the IC may get hot and need a small heatsink. Take care not to burn your fingers if checking it.


Circuit Diagram

This should come directly from the wiper of a volume control or other decoupled audio source.

With the gain set at 200 it can amplify microphones directly via a volume control.


The output should go directly to a speaker. Since the output already has a capacitor, another one in series with a speaker is not needed.

The LM386N amplifier comes in an 8pin DIL package.


When using ICs, it is always best to use an IC socket so the IC can be removed easily if needed.

Written by Phil Townshend - 2008
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