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A bulb or lamp is a device that produces bright light by sending so much current through a wire, it glows white hot.

MES Tubular Bulb

Bayonet Tubular Bulb

Bulbs and lamps are usually rated in Volts and Watts. For example

  • 12V, 2.2W
  • 6v, 360mW

Most bulbs and lamps will need a driver as they draw a fairly large amount of current.

They can be connected either way round.

Bulb Circuit
Lamp Circuit

A suitable driver for most small MES bulbs up to about 500mW, is a single transistor driver.

For bulbs and lamps greater than 500mW it would be better to use a Darlington Pair as a driver, such as

  • TIP122
  • TIP141


To hold the bulbs and lamps securely, there are bulb holders avaiable.

MES Bulb Holder

Bulb Holder

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