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UPDATED:.21:10 21 October 2013

  • A push-to-make switch can be used to provide a logic input signal.
  • A push switch can provide a high pulse or a low pulse, depending on how they are connected.

Circuit Diagrams

A logic input signal should never be left floating, (disconnected). A push switch is best used as part of a potential-divider. In this way, it is always connected to +v or 0v.

There are 2 ways to connect a push switch in a potential divider. These are shown right and work exactly opposite from one another.

With the Switch at the top of the potential divider, when it is pushed, a high pulse is created. With the Switch at the bottom of the potential divider, when it is pushed, a low pulse is created.

General Push Switch
Chassis Mount
PCB Mount
Chassis Mount Click Effect
PCB Mount
Click Effect
Industrial Switch
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