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UPDATED:.22:15 22 October 2013

This is a standard circuit for this IC. The advantage it has over other amplifiers is that it works on a 12 volt supply. The sound quality is reasonable and will drive a 6 to 8 inch speaker comfortably.
Be sure to mount the IC on a suitably sized heatsink and use thermal grease when securing to the heatsink.

At maximum output the distortion is about 1% into a 4 ohm speaker.

For more information, refer to the TDA2005 datasheet.


Below is the PCB layout.
Remember to check the size of the PCB when you print it out using the scale shown.
For abetter quality print down load the pdf file.

PDF format
DRW format

Note these are to scale and not exact size. Actual PCB size: 75mm x 50mm

By Phil Townshend 2009
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