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This circuit, based on TDA2050 IC Amplifier, is straight from the datasheet and is a good quality audio amplifier that can run from a single or split supply and can produce 32W into an 8 ohm load.


This is a standard circuit for this IC using a single power supply. It uses decoupling capacitors to handle the AC signals.

The IC will work from 18v to 45v although performance and quality will be affected at lower voltages. If a higher supply voltage is used be sure to upgrade all the capacitor voltages. C5 must be at least 35v and preferably 50v or more. This will result in a large capacitor but there is room for it on the PCB.

It is essential to mount the IC on a suitably sized heatsink and use thermal grease when securing to the heatsink. A heatsink rated at 5degC/W or less should be used.


This version uses a split supply, +/-12v instead of 24v. The supply can go up to +/-22.5v. The split supply version has similar performance to the single supply version.

The following ratings are taken from the TDA2050 datasheet.

Vsupply = +/-18v, THD = 0.5%

18W into 8 ohms
28W into 4 ohms

Vsupply = +/- 18v, THD = 10%

22W into 8 ohms
35W into 4 ohms

Vsupply = +/- 22v, RL=8 ohms

25W @ 0.5% THD
32W @ 10% THD

Note: THD=Total Harmonic Distortion



The PCB's for the above circuits are shown left and right.

The Single supply version is larger due to the need for the large value output decoupling capacitor. Note that it is an Axial type, not Radial.


PCB layout for single and split supply.


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