Electronic Modules

Some useful electronic modules to use on their own, or as part of another design.

We also have an extensive range of Circuit BLOX modules that can be used to create more complex circuits, or used on their own.
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Circuit Blox modules

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Digital Voltmeter


A miniature voltmeter module with 0.36" high brightness green digits. Easy 3-wire connection.
Voltage range from 0-30v DC .

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MDM01: £2.99

Intercom Module


This circuit board is designed for use with our Stage Intercom project. Works with a standard mic and headset.
Please note this is the assembled module only with no extra parts.

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MSC01: £6.99

Intercom Kit


A complete kit with the Stage Intercom module assembled and the extra parts to make a single intercom unit (not including the case). You just need to add the case of your choice.

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MSK01: £12.99

Voice_Recorder_ISD1820 Module


VOICE RECORDER ISD1820 A 8-20 second voice/sound recorder module based on ISD1820 IC. Offers digital recording in non-volatile memory.

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MDR01: £3.38

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