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LAST EDIT:12:30 AM 08 May 2022
Windows software

The following software has been written to help students and teachers when introducing principles of Electronics. The software has been tested and runs pretty much bug free. There are no malicious routines and installation is using a standard windows installer. Shortcuts to the software will be placed in "EduTek Ltd" folder in "Programs" on the START menu. To uninstall any software, go to Control Panel and launch "Add/Remove Software" utility. Then select the software from the list and click "Change/Modify". This will launch the uninstaller program.



You may use the software as you wish but not for profit. If you think a piece of software is useful, could do with improvements or you find some bugs then let me know.

All programs were written using VB6 and work on Windows 7. As for later operating systems, roll the dice and see. Download the zip files and unzip them to a new folder, then run the setup.exe.

We (Edutek Ltd) accept no liability or responsibility for any consequence from using this software. It has been written in good faith to function as described.


Alarm Project Editor

This program is part of the PIC Alarm Project.

This piece of software is enables students to set their own timings for Exit, Entry and Alarm duration when building the PIC Alarm project. This full version will allow students to alter timings, view operation using an animated flow chart and compile a HEX program for programming the PIC which controls the circuit.

This programme will save a HEX file to disc in the correct format for a PIC programmer to read. You will need a programmer that can program PIC12F629 or PIC12F675 IC's.

Program: Alarm Project Editor
Install file: AlarmEdv2.zip
File size: 1.46MB

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Crossword puzzle

Generate a quick 2 minuter, or larger for real brain fodder!

This is the first version I wrote to help me learn french vocabulary.It can be easily adapted by creating a 4 column database in Excel and saving it as a CSV file and use it to replace the exisiting one. Any topic can be used, just write the clue number in column 1, clues in column 3 and the answer in the column 4.

This version has 2400 words. This is about the minimum needed to give the generator a decent chance to create a crossword, the more entries there are, the better the crossword complexity.

Program: Crossword Generator
Install file: XWordF22_ins.ZIP
File size: 3.8MB

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Directory Printer Tool

A very simple program that can print out directory contents.

This software is very simple and has no frills. Simply select the drive and directory/folder you want to print out and then press print. A list of the files in the selected directory/folder will be printed using the default printer.

Very useful for print out photo lists and mp3's.

Remember - no frills!

Program: Directory Printer
Install file: DirPrint_ins.zip
File size: 1.38MB

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DMX FX Controller

This program is part of the DMX Controller Project.

This piece of software was written specifically for our school which had 2 Explorer Pro Heads and 2 Scanners. You can add your own fixtures with up to 16 channels per head and 6 channels per scanner.

To use this program you will need a serial RS232 com port and the Controller described in the DMX Controller Project.

This is a new v2 and may still have the odd bug or two. I have nailed most of them but please contact me if you find any more.

Program: DMX FX Controller
Install file: DMXFXv213.zip
File size: 2.01MB

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DMX FX Controller

This program is part of the DMX Controller Project.

This was written for our school which had 5 x 6-channel power packs that could control up to 50KW in lighting. It was used for many concerts and school productions (Into The Woods, We WIll Rock You). It can store up to 8 different scripts with almost unlimited entries. Cue fade times can be set and any script can be sequenced to provide impressive lighting effects.

To use this program you will need a serial RS232 com port and the Controller described in the DMX Controller Project.

This has been tested extensively and NEVER let one performance down. I have included a script from our production of We Will Rock You. Proud of this one - it took 2 years to complete properly.

Program: DMX Lighting Controller
Install file: DMXSTAGEv51.zip
File size: 4.25MB

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EZCalc Colour Code
EZCalc Charge
EZCalc Potential Divider
EZCalc CMOS Monostables
EZCalc CMOS Astables
EZCalc 555 Timer IC

A useful tool when designing electronic circuits at any level.

The EZCalc can assist with awkward and tedious calculations when designing a variety of circuits. It can also be used to double check mental arithmetic. It can calculate the following formulas:

Program: EZ Calculator
Install file: EZCALC_ins.zip
File size: 2.26MB

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Music Factory

Make up your own tunes and download them to a PIC - See Musical Toy Project (GCSE).

This software allows you to compose mono-phonic tunes using a keyboard and then creates a HEX file for programming a 8pin PIC for use in an electronic circuit - see our Musical Toy Project for circuit details.

This has been used extensively for the Musical Toy Project as part of the Year 8 curriculum. Included in the zip file are lots of example tunes ready made.

This free lite version will not convert the tunes to HEX file. The full version is now available from our shop.

Program: Music Factory Lite
Install file: MFacLite_Ins.zip
File size: 2.4MB

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A simple to use countdown timer.

A simple timer to count down or a stopwatch to count up. It is quick to use, pressing F2 and the SPACE bar sets and starts the timer. IDEAL for quick class tasks, reading time and some games.

There are a few basic options, such as sound and LED colour. The Stopwatch can be set to any size so as not to intrude your view of other work, or full screen for display on a plasma screen or projection.

Program: Timer
Install file: Stopwatchv2_ins.zip
File size: 1.36MB

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