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by Phil Townshend
OK, after 3 years of construction it's just about there - there are still some bits and pieces to finish but it performs all the major functions.

The pages on its construction are below and then some facts, details and thank you's to people who have helped along the way.

Some pages still need to be published but I'm getting there.

Modified:21:16, 24 October 2013



  • MDF around a 18mm plywood base.
  • Over £200 of Mercedes Benz gold paint.
  • Laser cut parts, joysticks, panels,
  • Two 24v wheelchair motors.
  • Fully continuously rotating dome - super quiet motors.
  • Lathe turned aluminium gun attachment
  • Controlled internally with joysticks or via remote
  • Vacuum formed spheres
  • 3 wheels, 2 drive + one jockey wheel
  • 3mm birch plywood in-lay and mouldings
  • 4 inch black rubber bumper - similar to bumper cars
  • Max person height inside - 5' 10"


  • 6 PIC controllers, motor control, sound fx, lighting
  • PWM motor control for drive, dome & eyestalk motors
  • 6 channel remote control for all functions
  • Mood lighting on dalek skirt - 160 multicolour LEDs
  • Multi-colour/multi-function iris
  • 12 inch sub-bass audio driver with 50W amplifier
  • 2 x 6 inch midrange/treble speakers with 30W amp
  • Active Sallen-Key audio filters
  • Digital voice recorder, operated by remotes
  • 4 channel audio mixer with MP3 inputs
  • Voice activated dome lights
  • 12v/24v speed mode
  • Emergency stop cutout
  • Current and voltage meters

To the gentleman who brought in 3 wheel chair motors and was the catalyst for this project - thank you

Helen F. for her unbeatable painting (and spraying) contribution - such clean edges! And countless cups of coffee and councelling and dome delivery/payments and sanding and .......

Jonny C. for an incredibly well timed donation of 4inch thick rubber lengths which completely finished off the base perfectly.

Dave "it's different now" G. for bearings bars bits n bolts.

Andy "sorted" G. for spraying the final coat and endless trips for spray paint.

Bob "the builder" W. for countless assistance with tricky cuts and support.

Judith for her tolerance and enthusiasm

Paul R. for tolerating the mess and having patience of a Saint.

Simon N. for being very entertaining with his suggestions for improvements...and bicycle repair kit!

Jim "its grim up north" H. for letting me use the lathes in his workshop

Lee "hack the planet" B. for his help with so many projects and driving it about on open evenings.

Royston "bigger is better" C. for having 10 times more enthusiasm than I did and his help and ideas - remember the first Friday to get plywood?? Don't mention the Jockey Wheel!

Adam R for his help and assistance and plentiful enthusiasm

Keisha H. who I'm sure came with us on that memorable day we decided a dalek would be a good idea and came to get plywood

Someone who came and screwed in some of the domes - sorry can't remember your name

Pam and the Cleaners (not a pop group) who must have wondered where to start in my workshop

Anyone who helped sanding down the primer for spraying - there were a few of you.