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The armour cladding was made from 16 pieces all sanded, primed and sprayed individually. As the shape of the body was full of changing curves at different angles, each part had to be shaped to fit in its particular place. It was a very time consuming process, especially spraying and sanding. The final result made it well worth it.

Cutting and Shaping Armour
Each piece was cut from 9mm MDF. A slot was cut for the relief section. As this was sloping and the armour needed a smooth back, the pieces were wedges cut longways. Extra pieces were needed on the sides to increase the width where the shoulder collar ended. Again each piece had different dimensions. The front face had 5mm chamfers all the way around to give more of a metal plate feel. When all wedges had been glued the excess was sanded to size.
Fitting Armour to Body
Armour parts were located in their final positions and adjusted for a best fit. Some odd shaped pieces were required and spacing had to be adjusted to avoid flat armour sticking out at odd angles around a curved surface that also had relief detail to fit around.
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