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Modified: 23:48, 05 March 2020

Below are a range of projects designed for classes or groups of students. These are suitable projects for KS3 Design and Technology and for GCSE projects when covering syllabus content of the course. For more details visit the Group Projects page.

All PCBs are high quality with compnent ident, tinned solder pads and a solder mask to prevent short circuits when soldering between pads.

Kits are priced between £1.59 and £3.70 each (excluding VAT)

A revamped memory game from the 70's. With more sound, steps and features.
A handy timer up to 5 minutes. Has on board battery and sound.
Flashing astable circuit for a range of themes. Four colours and optional speeds.
A simple but accurate 5 LED colour thermometer that can be used as a temperature mood light
Has gradual colour change or rapid strobe and hold, with hi-brightness LEDs.
An accurate thermometer from 8 to 30 degrees C on a 12 LED scale.


All PCBs in the Group Projects Kits are made from high quality materials and components.

PCBs have clear component idents, showing position and orientation of components.
Solder pads are as large as possible with solder resist between them to help prevent solder bridges between the pads.
All PCBs have either Terminal Block connection or have a hole for wires to
feed through. This stops them from
breaking through repeated movement.