Group Electronic Kits

Below are a range of projects designed for classes or groups of students. These are suitable projects for KS2 and KS3 Design and Technology. For construction details and project ideas, visit the Group Projects page.

All PCBs are high quality with component idents clearly showing where components are located, tinned solder pads and a solder mask to prevent short between pads circuits when soldering.

Our kits are priced from as low as £1.59 each (excluding VAT)

Brain Game

Brain Game (Simon Says) Electronic Kit

A re-vamped memory game, (Simon) from the 70's, with more sound and steps.

Handy Timer

Handy Timer Electronic Kit

A handy timer up to 5mins in
30s intervals. It has on-board battery and sound.

LED Flasher

LED Flasher Kit

Flashing astable circuit with 2 LEDs. Four colours and optional speeds.

Colour Thermometer

Thermometer Electronic Kit

An accurate 5 colour LED thermometer that can be used
as a thermic mood light.

Mood Light

Mood Light Kit

Has gradual colour change or rapid strobe and hold, with
hi-brightness LEDs.

12 LED Thermometer

LED Thermometer

An accurate thermometer from 8 to 30 degrees Celsius on a 12 LED scale.


All PCBs in the Group Projects Kits are made from high quality materials. Our components are sourced from reputable UK suppliers. We ensure the highest standards when assembling our kits.

PCB component idents

PCBs have clear component idents, showing position and orientation of components.

PCB underside

Solder pads are as large as possible with a resist layer between them to help prevent solder bridges between the pads.

PCB Wire Connection

All PCBs have either Terminal Block connection or have a strain-relief hole for wires to feed through. This stops them from breaking through repeated movement.

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