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Electronic projects and circuits for hobbyists and education

This site is packed with Electronic circuits and projects for students and enthusiasts to develop and build. There are completed projects and circuits covering a range of topics, often with simulation circuits using LiveWire.


Electronics Teacher

Group Projexts, resources, circuit design.


Electronics Student

Support material, projects, circuits.


Electronics Enthusiast

Circuits, projects, reference.

Circuit Bricks

With Circuit Bricks you can design your circuits by breaking them down into functional sections:

Circuit block design

Then select a template circuit for each section to form the final circuit. Full descriptions of each section helps understand the function of the entire circuit.

Circuit BLOX

BLOX contruct system

A modular system of circuit construction, similar to Circuit Bricks, that only requires a screwdriver and wire. Discrete circuit Blox modules can be combined to create a range of circuits in minutes.

Electronic Projects

A range of circuits and projects for all.

Quick Reference

Some handy reference if you are in a hurry.

Teaching Resources

There are teaching resources for KS3 to KS5 with information sheets, including questions and tests for homestudy. Graphic grids and templates can help with presentation, in particular, coursework layout. The EZCPU programmer and emulator system can teach students how to write in Z80 machine code leading to more complex CPU languages. All software is free to use and guaranteed no viruses, trackers or malware. There's even a crossword program to teach you French!

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