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Below are some useful data sheets commonly used in schools. We are in the process of adding more as time allows.

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IC Number Description
AD633 Analogue Multiplier
ADC0804L 8-bit A/D converter
HT12A/E 12-bit encoder
HT12D/F 12-bit decoder
HT8950 Voice modulator
ICL7660 +5v +/- voltage generator
ICL8038 Precision waveform generator/VCO
LM2917 Frequency to voltage converter
LM3914 Dot/Bar display driver - linear scale
LM3915 Dot/Bar display driver - log scale
LM3916 Dot/Bar display driver - 3db steps
MAX232 RS232 transceiver+voltage generator
NE555 General purpose bipolar timer
SAA1027 Stepping motor driver
UA3730 Combination Lock
ULN2001 7 Darlington drivers
ULN2803 8 Darlington drivers
UM66 Melody Generator
ZN414/5/6 AM radio receiver
IC Number Description
741 Single gen. purpose compensated op-amp
CA3130/40E Single MOSFET op-amp
LF347 Quad JFET op-amp
LF351 Single FET wideband op-amp
LF353 Dual FET wideband op-amp
LM311 Single high speed comparator
LM319 Dual high speed comparator
LM324 Quad general purpose op-amp
LM339 Quad low power voltage comparators
LM348 Quad 741 op-amp
LM393 Dual comparator
LM747 Dual gen. purpose compensated op-amp
LM13700 Transconductance Amplifers
NE5532 Dual audio low noise op-amp
NE5534 Single audio low noise op-amp
TL071 Single FET low noise low distortion op-amp
TL081 Single FET low noise low distortion op-amp
TL082 Dual FET op-amp
IC Number Description
24LC16B 16K CMOS serial EEPROM
PIC Config Beginners guide to Configuring PICs
PIC Manual Complete PIC MCU reference manual
PIC Tips n Tricks Useful programming techniques
PIC10F20x 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC12F508 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC12F629/75 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC12F629 PIC programming specifications
PIC12F683 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F73/4/6/7 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F83/4 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F87/8 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F505 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F627/8 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F627A/8A 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F648A 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F684 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F818/9 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F870/1 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F872A 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F873A/4A 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
PIC16F876A/7A 8 Bit CMOS FLASH micro-controller
Z80 Z80 microprocessor
IC Number Description
LM380 2W Audio amplifier - 12v
LM383 7W audio amplifier
LM384 5W audio amplifier
LM386 Low voltage audio power amplifier
LM387 Dual low noise pre-amplifier
TBA820M 1.2W audio amplifier 9-12v
TDA2003 5W amplifier 8 - 18v
TDA2005 20W bridge amplifier for 12volt supply
TDA2030 14W hi-fi amplifier
TDA2050 32W hi-fi amplifier
TDA2822M 1W+1W amplifier
Rapid Electronics
Maplins Electronics
RS Components
Arrow Electronics
Part Number Description
78L series 100mA fixed: +5v to +15v
79L series 100mA fixed: -5v to -15v
78M series 500mA fixed: +5v, +12v
7805 1A fixed: +5v
7812 1A fixed: +12v
78S series 2A fixed: +5v, +12v
L200CV 2A variable: +2.85v to +35v
LM309 1A fixed: +5v
LM317L 100mA variable: +1.2v to +37v
LM317T/K 2A variable: +1.2v to +37v
LM323K 3A fixed: +5v
LM137/337 2A variable: -1.2v to -37v
LM138/338 5A variable: +1.2v to +37v
LM723 150mA variable: +2v to +37v
KBP series 2A bridge rectifiers
Part Number Description
AM-HRR3/6/8 AM 434MHz Regen. Receiver module
AM-RT4/5 AM 434MHz Transmitter module
A262A1E RC 600ohm Audio Transformer
LCD 16x2 display LCD 16x2 Supertwist Display + B/L
ST7066U LCD Character/Display Driver IC
RF300-CA Solar Motors

All 'B' suffix unless otherwise stated

IC Number
Dual 3-input NOR gates + inverter
Quad 2-input NOR gates
Dual 4-input NOR gates
18 stage static shift register
Dual complementary pair + inverter
4-bit full adder with carry
Hex inverting buffer
Hex non-inverting buffer
Quad 2-input NAND gates
Dual 4-input NAND gates
Dual D-type flip-flop
8 stage static shift register
Dual 4-bit SIPO shift register
Quad bi-lateral switch
Decade/octal counter, decoder
Presettable divide by 'n' counter
Quad AND/OR select gate
Binary ripple counters
Triplel 3-input NAND gates
Triple 3-input NOR gates
BCD counter & decoded 7-seg.
Dual J-K flip-flop
BCD-decimal decoder
Presettable up/dn binary/BCD counter
Quad EX-OR gates
64 stage static shift register
Triple serial adder
8-stage bidirectional I/O bus register
4 stage PIPO register
Quad true/complement buffer
Quad D-type latch
Quad 3-state R/S latches
Micropower phase-locked loop
Low power monostable/astable
Multifunction expandable 8-input gate
Hex buffers/converters
Analog multiplexers/demultiplexers
LCD display drivers
14-stage binary counter & oscillator
4-bit magnitude comparator
Quad bilateral A/D switches
Analog multiplexers/demultiplexers
8-input AND/NAND gate
Hex inverter
Quad exclusive OR/NOR gates
2/4/3-input OR gates
Triple 3-input AND gates
4-bit D-Type registers
8-input OR/NOR gate
Quad 2-input AND gates
Dual 4-input AND gates
Dual 2-wide 2-input AND-or-NOT gate
4-wide 2-input AND or NOT gate
Binary rate multiplier
Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt
8-stage SIPO shift register
JK master-slave flip-flops
Dual monostable multivibrator
8-bit addressable latch
Strobed hex inverter/buffer
Hex buffer
Presetable up/dn BCD/binary counters
BCD to 7-segment decoder/driver
8-channel data selector
4 to 16 line latch/decoder
Dual 64-stage static shift register
Dual BCD/binary up counters
4-bit AND/OR selector
24 stage frequency divider
Prog. BCD divide-by-N counter
BCD rate multiplexer
2x4 or 8 channel analog data selector
8 bit priority encoder
Programmable timer
Dual monostable multivibrator
Programmable timer
BCD-7seg latch decoder LCD driver
Decoders and demultiplexers
Hex gate
4-bit magnitude comparator
8-bit addressable latch
BCD up/dn counter/decoder/latch
IC Number Description
Quad 2-input NAND gate
Quad 2-input NOR gate
Hex Inverters
Quad 2-input AND gate
Triple 3-input NAND gate
Triple 3-input AND gate
Hex Schmitt Inverter
Dual 4-input NAND gate
Dual 4-input AND gate
Triple 3-input NOR gate
8-input NAND gate
Quad 2-input OR gate
BCD to decimal decoder
Dual 2x2 AND/OR INVERT gate
Dual 2x2 AND/OR gate
Dual JK flip-flop
Dual D-Type Flip/Flop
Quad bistable transparent latch
4-bit magnitude comparator
Quad Exclusive OR gate
4-bit binary ripple counter
Dual JK flip-flop +S/R, pos. edge
Dual JK flip-flop +S/R, neg. edge
Dual retriggerable monostable
Quad 2-input Schmitt NAND gate
13-input NAND gate
3 to 8 line decoder/latch (inv.)
3 to 8 line decoder (inverting)
Dual 2-4 decoder demultiplexer
8 to 3 line priority encoder
8-input multiplexer
Dual 4-input multiplexer
4 to 16 line decoder/demux
Dual 2 to 4/3 to 8 line dec/demux
Quad 2-input multiplexer/inv.
Presettable sync. BCD counter
Presettable sync. 4-bit counter
Presettable sync. BCD counter
8-bit SIPO shift register
8-bit PISO shift register
Quad D-Type F/F with clear
4-bit arithmetic logic unit
Presettable sync. BCD up/dn ctr
Presettable sync. binary up/dn ctr
Sync. BCD/binary up/dn counters
4-bit bidirectional shift register
4-bit SIPO shift register + p.load
3 to 8 line decoder + addr latch
3 to 8 line decoder
Octal bus buffer with Tri-state
Quad bidirectional tri-state buffer
Octal bus transceiver
8-input tri-state multiplexer
Dual 4-input tri-state multiplexer
Quad 2-input tri-state multiplexer
8-bit addressable latch
Octal D-Type Flip/flop with clear
9-bit odd/even parity generator
4-bit full adder with fast carry
Digital phase-locked-loop filter
Quad 2-input multiplexer + latch
8-bit universal tri-state shift reg.
8-input tri-state multiplexer+latch
8-input tri-state multiplexer
Octal D-Type latch with Tri-state
Octal D-Type F/F with Tri-state
Octal D-type flip-flop, pos. edge
Dual BCD counter
Dual 4-bit binary counter
Dual retriggerable monostable
Octal bus buffer with Tri-state
Octal D-Type latch with Tri-state
Octal D-Type F/F with Tri-state
4-bit full adder with fast carry
8-bit shift register + output reg.
8-bit shift register + tri-state latch
8-bit shift register+input flip-flops
Octal bidirectional tri-state buffers
Octal bus transceiver
4x4 tri-state register file
8-bit magnitutde comaprator
Octal D-Type latch with Tri-state
Octal D-Type F/F with Tri-state
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